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Most users of the internet choose to browse  online because they can find what they need within minutes. However, those  that surf the SEO web for no other reason than curiosity, boredom or to enhance  their understanding, still want the experience to be fruitful.

As soon as a user clicks on the internet  browser icon, regardless of what that may be, it is your duty as a website provider  to provide an efficient, honest and enjoyable service.

Nothing frustrates a user more than finding  dead links, 404 pages and redirected URLs. That said, it is only annoying when  it’s not expected, so as long as a user is aware where their click will take  them, there is nothing more you can do.

Here are 5 top tips, to ensure that all  links associated to your website only provide positive feelings;

1. Make sure your website delivers  what it promises.

There is nothing more infuriating than  finding a website that is useful from the outside and looks at the business but  doesn’t take you where you want to go. Functionality is always the fundamental  aspect of any website, therefore if you expect people to stay or even go  through to make an enquiry a design needs to be flawless.

It is always worth having someone fresh  play around with your website as a new user to see any flaws in what could  hinder potential enquiries or highlight areas that could improve usability.


2. What are external links saying  about you?

Any worthwhile website will be promoting  itself in honest and high profile places, so ensure that you deserve to be  there. Regardless of what form of link building you’ve undertaken, make sure  that where you want people to go actually takes them to their destination.

Links can easily go awry just with one too many .’s or not enough w’s. With this in mind, always double-check your links before leaving a page. It’s important not only for your SEO but to ensure that users don’t associate your website as another sloppy, unprofessional wannabe success.

Content is often used to generate links because not only can they be highly valued but believe it or not, often people do believe what they read. Therefore, make sure that what your content says reflects you honestly and correctly.


It can be too easy to embellish your true  values or what you offer, but links back to your website will only bring out  the truth and not only make your users angry, but more often than not, stain  your reputation.

3. Provide alternative contact  methods.

Again, in relation to content, we often  tell people about our services and provide a method of contact. However, a user  may not entirely trust contact forms and may prefer to call, or vice versa and  not have access to a phone and want to contact there and then online.

Providing your user with just one way of contacting you is not managing their expectations and most certainly not exceeding them.  Whether you are providing a call to action via a Press Release, article or even on a blog, make sure alternative methods for contacting you are provided i.e. phone number, contact form, e-mail address, fax number.

4. Keep click-throughs clear

In addition to usability, it’s important that any click through on your website takes a user where they want to go. The biggest frustration for any web user is that a website does not direct them where they were expecting to go therefore resulting in them giving up and finding somewhere else; possibly a competitor.

It can be easy, especially when you’ve  designed a website yourself, to know how it works and where each click goes.  But can this be said for a new user? Not always, so make sure you manage every  expectation by keeping things clear and simple.

5. Finally, don’t let them forget  you!

The point of a website is to attract attention, but for all the right reasons. Don’t let users forget your website once they’ve visited by making their experience one to remember and earning a  place in their ‘Recently Bookmarked’ folder.

No-one has a perfect website, but then again, perfect is boring. Bring life into your own website but keep in mind whom the website is for.

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