Tricks people do not about their iPhone could do

Apple devices always have some new tricks to make them more useful. There are many gesture based controls that Apple uses in its operating system. There are chances that users of the iPhone can type faster, take better pictures and notice texts with the hidden wonders. Let us see some lesser known iPhone6 tricks that users of the iPhone can use daily. The first trick is taking pictures using the headphones. By pressing the volume increase button on the official headphones of apple users can snap pictures with the camera app of iPhone. This is really a helpful trick if users are setting up their device on a tripod. If they want to make sure the shot is ready, they no need to press the button on the mobile screen. They can simply take pictures by hitting the volume button on the side. 

Mistakes may occur when typing an email or text. If you like to undo the last action or erase the text, you can simply shake your iPhone. This feature works in mail, message and some default apps. If developers can implement the feature, users can try this trick in all types of apps. Another trick is taking high quality photos. People who are crazy about taking selfies can make their iPhone camera take good pictures automatically. With the camera application open, users have to switch on HDR at the screen’s top to take high dynamic range pictures. HDR photo captures three snaps of a scene. Then it will combine the best things of each snap to make the best photo. It is helpful for taking pictures in low light. People who are not sure about the time when HDR photo is apt can simply choose HDR auto option. Then the iPhone will determine the right time to use this trick automatically. The fourth trick is people can read receipts. People who like to get a message from a friend but let him or her know they read it can use this feature. The iMessage feature lets the other iPhone users know the exact time you receive and read their message. Go to settings page, scroll down to the messages and pin on the option send read receipts. Another useful trick is creating keyboard shortcuts. Users of the iPhone can create text shortcuts for phrases and long words they often use such as email addresses. Go to settings menu, choose general, select keyboard and add a new shortcut. The field will ask them to enter the long phrase they use and the next field will ask them to choose the shortcut they like to use for longer phrases. After they have saved the shortcut, they can type text into iMessage and enter a space bar. This function will automatically transform this shortcut into longer phrases. Sometimes vibration is not enough for users to get alerts for new messages. Making the phone flash for message alerts is one of the iPhone6 tricks. Go to settings menu, choose general, select accessibility and pin LED flash to make the flash on for message alerts.

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