The best ideas to recover deleted data from an Android mobile

Many people are happy to use their Smartphone day after day. They connect to the digital world on the go by using their Android mobile phone. They are eager to improve their expertise about Android apps and advanced features of the Android mobile operating system. On the other hand, they are dissatisfied when they accidentally delete data from their mobile.  They can take note of the following details and get an overview about how to recover deleted files and android out of harm’s way. 

Choose and use the best tool 

As a beginner or an experienced user of an Android Smartphone, you have to gain knowledge of how to deal with the data loss problem on your mobile at first. Do not try to update your Android mobile when you have lost your data. This is because an Android update does not let you recover your data on the whole. 

Once you have started comparing the most recommended data recovery programs specially designed for Android users worldwide, you can make an informed decision about how to choose the right program. You will be encouraged to use the most special features of an advanced Android data recovery program efficiently. 

Run the world-class program properly  

Once you have installed the Android recovery program on your computer as per instructions specified in the user manual, you can run it directly.  Now, you have to connect your Android mobile phone to your computer through the USB cable.  The next step is to set up the mobile in the best way for enabling USB debugging.  You can carry out this process in different ways. 

1. If you have an Android 4.2 or advanced version of a mobile phone, then enter as follows. 

Settings > About Phone > Build number 

Once you have done it several times, you can get a message about “You are under developer mode”.  It is the right time to go back to Settings > Developer options > USB debugging. 

2. Users of an Android 3.0 to 4.1 have to enter Settings > Developer option > USB debugging

3. Individuals who have an Android 2.3 or earlier version have to enter   Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging. 

You may wish to recover deleted android files on the whole or any special file you have lost.  You can choose the most specific data recovery option in the latest version of these programs. 

Start scanning the mobile 

Once you have clicked the Start button after you have enabled the USB debugging for your mobile, your mobile phone is being scanned by this program. This program may ask you to go further for scanning the remaining data. You can prefer the Allow icon to recover all data.  This is advisable to back up very important data when you understand the significance of protecting these data in a proper way.  Do not compromise any important factor while comparing various online applications available for recovering all data from the Android mobile phone of any version. 

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