How to easily recover deleted files in your Android device

In this contemporary world, most individuals would like to use a smart mobile device like Android powered smartphone and tablet to carry anywhere for their different activities. Even though there are many mobile operating systems available in the market, most of the users are having only Android OS smartphones and tablets because they are user friendly and easy to use. 

On their mobile device, the users are saving different types of data like photos, videos, songs, movies, meeting schedules, calendars to note important dates, applications, bookmarks, contacts, messages, emails, and more. When it comes to using android devices, the users often experience a problem of deleted files. One may unfortunately or unexpectedly delete any file and needs it now, you can easily recover deleted files android easily with the help of the following steps. The unexpected data loss in the android devices is common between the mobile users. It can be easily solved with the help of these suggested steps by experts. 

Data recovery steps in Android:

  • In order to recover lost data in your android device, first you have to download and install the best data recovery software from the Play Store. This software should be compatible with your android version existing in the mobile. You have to download it on your computer for quick data recovery.
  • Once it has been downloaded on your computer, you can run that android data recovery software.
  • After that you can connect your android mobile device to your personal computer through the USB cable. 
  • In this step, it is compulsory to set up your android device for enabling USB debugging. 
  • Once there is a connection made between your PC and Android device, you have to enable USB debugging.

According to your Android OS version, the following are three methods to start USB debugging.

  1. For the android version 2.3 or earlier versions – You have to enter Settings – > Applications – > Development – > USB debugging
  2. For the android version 3.0 or 4.1 – You need to enter Settings – > Developer options – > USB debugging
  3. For the android version 4.2 or newer versions – You can enter Settings – > About Phone – > build number for many times. It will put your phone in the developer mode. Then, go back and enter Settings – > Developer options – > USB debugging
  • In this step, you have to start scanning your entire Android device to search for the deleted files. Once you enable USB debugging on the android mobile, it will be detected by the software you have installed. After that, you have to click on the start button to analyze the deleted data on your android phone. 

Preview of your deleted files will be displayed on the screen. You can recover deleted android files such as videos, photos, messages, contacts, emails, or anything by just clicking on the recover button and save those recovered items to your computer.

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