Do you want to know the tricks for iPhone 6?

If you purchased a new iPhone 6 and you have a struggle in handling this phone, here you go for some iPhone 6 tricks to use and handle your iPhone 6. There are some tricks to guide your device with the best iPhone 6 features and some secrets that you don’t know that your iPhone 6 can do. Apple delivers a lot of new IOS 8 and IOS 8.1 features that change the way you can use the iPhone 6. If you’re not willing to spend time reading the catalogue of iPhone 6 then you can get the list of tips and tricks to handle the device. There are many features hidden in iPhone 6 devices, but there are some features you can handle by using the phone. To use some hidden features which cannot be found on normal phones then you need iPhone 6 App or iPhone 6 accessories like an Apple TV. Instead of paging through the iPhone 6 manual, you can use our list of tips and tricks to master your new iPhone. This guide will help you to use the device in the easiest way and most exciting iPhone 6 features you get in your mobile. Some iPhone tricks are already turned on, and you need to turn on and configure other features to set up the iPhone 6. 

Use the iPhone 6 in one handed 

This iPhone 6 is larger than the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s, which means it’s a little harder to use with one hand. Apple includes some simple iPhone6 tricks that make it easier to use the iPhone 6 with one hand. Apple calls it Reach ability and it allows you to quickly reach apps and buttons that would otherwise be too high to tap without a second-hand. To this feature double click the home button you don’t need to press on it, when you double click the home button, it will drop the top-half of the screen so you can reach the top part of the screen. Apple built-in option only helps with reaching the top section of the home screen. If it is not easy to type for you in the iPhone 6 large screen then you need to download a one-handed keyboard. The iPhone 6 can act as a personal hotspot, just like any other iPhone, but in IOS 8 there is a new option to use an instant personal hotspot, it means anytime you want to connect an ipad on IOS 8 without grabbing your iPhone 6. You want to turn the iPhone 6 hotspot on at least once by going to Settings 🡪 Cellular 🡪Personal hotspot 🡪 on.   

After the above rule, there is an option under the main settings. This will show you how to change the iPhone 6 hotspot name and password. On your other device like iPad or Mac on OS X Yosemite, you see the iPhone 6 listed under WiFi as a personal hotspot. You are able to view the signal strength and battery life listed. You can click on the iPhone 6 and you can connect even if your iPhone is in your bag or pocket.

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