How to increase the download speed of your computer

Nowadays everyone is suffering from slow internet connection while you download files from the internet. If you have a high bandwidth plan and stable internet connection means without interruption you can download anything anywhere at any time.  We all know different methods are there to connect your computer to the internet like WIFI, 3G dongle, Broadband or shared internet. In case you are using any above methods then it will increase your downloading speed. There are different factors: you may get a poor internet connection like a router or poor network coverage. This will affect your internet speed either directly or indirectly. Before going to increase your internet connection you have to know how to check the internet speed of your computer. To check an internet speed you have to select the best Speed tools online. Once you get the download and upload rates then note it in one place so that you can compare this one to the new one while you apply some methods for checking internet speed.

Internet Download Manager is the oldest and best method to manage all your downloads in one software. One of the researches says that it increased the internet speed by hundred percent when compared to the Internet Service Provider. The reason behind this was a huge place to split your files so that you can manage the internet speed of your computer.

Internet download manager features

  1. It is equipped with secure site login
  2. It will support the all type of files so that you can add you are desired files
  3. Site grabber is added to this site so user can use in convenient manner
  4. It is capable for multiple downloads
  5. It having an advanced queue options when you schedule your downloads
  6. When the studies says that it is increase the internet speed by 100%

Domain name servers also play a vital role to increase your internet speed and there are many kinds of tools to find the fastest Domain name server. You may having a question about how to find the fastest Domain name server according to your Internet service provider the answer was

  1. First you have to download the Domain name server Benchmark
  2. Just click the software that you have downloaded
  3. Then you have to click on the “Run Benchmark” to check you are internet connectivity
  4.  You have to wait for five to ten minutes to scan the for fastest Domain name server 
  5.  Then choose the 2 Domain name server which has the shortest bars
  6. After that you have to go control panel in that go to network and internet then click the Network and sharing center then choose the change adapter settings
  7. Finally choose your local area network and right click on it and click the properties in that select the slide download and select the Internet protocol and then enter your Domain name server then finally click ok. Then it will surely increase you are internet speed

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