Technological innovation that rules our world

World without technology is like body without soul, in olden days people do not have enough machines to do their daily chores right from the morning till evening they did their work by themselves and they haven’t relay on any machines or robots. So our ancestors had wasted more than eight hours of day in their house-hold chores by learning their difficulties scientists had invented many technological items that are useful for everyone in this world. Today many working women finish their daily chores in an hour and proceed with their work so with its inventions technology has gifted us a new modern life. Each and every person in the world relies on machinery and they cannot do even a single task without it. Today computer is ruling our world its functionalities and faster results is been admired by many people and it is been widely used in all the places in the world. Wherever we go we can see people using computer so we can say computer is a gift to the common man. With the invention of computer scientist have become more powerful and started their experiments in miniature ones and now we have different kinds of palmtops, laptops etc which can be taken anywhere outside and use it wherever we go. Now people get attracted to smart phones. It is also a kind of computer but we can use it for making calls, browsing the internet, creating documents, presentations etc. the smartphone is built to perform just like a computer by consuming minimal energy and low RAM capacity. Thus, technological innovation do not have the end scientists keep on giving new things to the world and make people’s life simpler and easier


What is artificial intelligence?

Today one invention which outtakes all humans is robots, they are invented with the concept known as artificial intelligence. It literally means sixth sense, when we take a decision, when we climb the stairs, when we give answer our sixth sense works so that sense is reproduced in the form of robots. They can also think like us and answer what we ask, it can able to solve any hypothetical problems in a single minute and can able record terabytes of information in a second. So with the invention of such a wonderful machine many industries have moved the humans out of it and employed robots because they think that single robot can do hindered men’s work in a day. Many common men had affected with its introduction. 

Technological innovations are boon or bane

People need technology. Our entire world depends on it. Without the technological item we cannot lead a normal life. Many billions and trillions of transactions are done only with the help of technology so we need it without any doubt. But one thing we should remember is technological products should be mastered only by a human and it should not master us. If that situation arises then there is no use of technological innovation. Thus, we have everything we want. It’s in our hands to use it wisely and productively.   

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