Technology- a vital source for mankind

The innovation is a magic given by god to every human, the magic will helps us to do different things in our work and finish the task in perfect way, the innovation in people are made them to invent many new things to the world. The perfect invention of humans with the help of innovation is computer; it is a first technological device which helps people to perform complex mathematical calculations in a minute. Once the computer was introduced the scientists felt that it is a space occupying device so they invented many miniature forms of it called laptops, palmtops and tablets etc. the computer is a majorly used device in every part of the world when it is connected to the internet we can do many different unimaginable things in a minute and can finish our daily tasks very easily. Today every device works without the help of the internet. It is a major invention of technology. The internet, when connected to smartphones, can do magic in our hands . Using it we can share videos, music, pictures and recorded voice online in any social networking sites. Using internet we can gather information about anything in the world and by using it we can learn many things for our education and for our personal growth. 

When internet grows the web development also get increases because internet is the pool of websites here the information are spread using the form web pages and when pages gets interconnected it forms the website. The websites can have any related information according to the provider of that particular site but each information that has been shared on the site should be informative. And the content should have a keyword which should not be stuffed more times and the site should be indexed in the search engine and should be rated from webmasters or spiders of reputed search engines. All the on page linking, back linking and indexing, directories are maintained by the perfect   professionals called seo. They strive hard to make their site to rank first in the online market. 

What are the IT services provided by the companies?

Information technology or IT is a very important field in all nations. It provides different services to the people they are software development, web designing, testing, integration and maintenance of the software invented. These software are invented using different programming tools like c, c++, java, php, oracle, C# and etc. once the software has been developed completely it is distributed to the people who are in need of it, thus, these are the IT services provided by the company. 

What is IT consulting?

Many IT companies provide consulting services to the people. This service is completely a career oriented one which involves training, practice and corporate level programming, these services are provided to all common people who are in need of it. IT consulting has brought good changes in people ‘s lives and many are appreciating and encouraging their service.      

Computer network diagram.

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